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  • 001 - Commander 800R EFI - International, 2019 0006CKB00 0006TKC00
  • 001 - Commander 800R EFI - International, 2020 0006CLB00 0006TLB00
  • 001 - Commander 800R EFI - North America, 2019 0006CKA00 0006DKA00 0006DKB00 0006TKA00
  • 001 - Commander 800R EFI - North America, 2020 0006CLA00 0006DLA00 0006DLB00 0006TLA00
  • 002 - Commander 1000R EFI - International, 2019 0006BKE00 0006GKE00
  • 002 - Commander 1000R EFI - International, 2020 0006BLE00 0006GLB00
  • 002 - Commander 1000R EFI - North America, 2019 0006BKA00 0006BKC00 0006BKD00 0006GKC00 0006PKA00
  • 002 - Commander 1000R EFI - North America, 2020 0006BLA00 0006BLB00 0006BLC00 0006GLA00 0006PLA00
  • 003 - Commander MAX 1000R EFI - International, 2019 0006JKC00 0006KKC00
  • 003 - Commander MAX 1000R EFI - International, 2020 0006JLB00 0006KLB00
  • 003 - Commander MAX 800R EFI - North America, 2019 0006SKA00
  • 003 - Commander MAX 800R EFI - North America, 2020 0006SLA00
  • 004 - Commander MAX 1000R EFI - North America, 2019 0006JKA00 0006KKB00
  • 004 - Commander MAX 1000R EFI - North America, 2020 0006JLA00 0006KLA00
  • 1- Commander 800R EFI, 2018 0006CJA00 0006CJB00 0006DJA00 0006DJB00 0006DJC00 0006TJA00 0006TJB00
  • 1- Maverick, 2018 0006FJA00 0006FJC00 0007BJA00 0007CJA00 0007CJB00 0007MJA00 0007MJB00 0007YJA00
  • 1-Maverick, 2017 0006FHA00 0006FHB00 0006FHD00 0006UHA00 0006UHB00 0006UHC00 0007BHA00 0007CHB00 0007CHD00 0007LHA00 0007MHA00 0007MHB00 0007MHC00 0007YHA00
  • 2- Commander 1000R EFI, 2018 0006BJA00 0006BJB00 0006BJC00 0006BJE00 0006GJD00 0006GJE00 0006GJF00 0006PJA00 0006YJA00
  • 2- Maverick MAX, 2018 0007NJA00 0007NJC00 0009UJA00
  • 2-Maverick MAX, 2017 0006VHA00 0006VHB00 0007FHA00 0007FHB00 0007KHC00 0007KHF00 0007NHA00 0007NHC00 0009UHA00 0009UHB00
  • 3- Commander MAX 800R EFI, 2018 0006SJA00
  • 4- Commander MAX 1000R EFI, 2018 0006HJA00 0006JJA00 0006JJB00 0006JJD00 0006KJD00 0006KJE00
  • Commander (Electric 9Kw) STD, XT, LSV, 2013 0006MDA00 0006MDB00 0006UDB00 0006UDC00 0006UDF00
  • Commander (Electric 9Kw) STD, XT, LSV, 2014 0006MEA00 0006MEB00 0006MED00 0006MEG00 0006MEH00 0006MEJ00 0006UEB00 0006UEE00
  • Commander (Electric 9Kw), 2015 0009BFA00 0009BFB00 0009BFD00 0009BFE00 0009BFF00 0009CFA00 0009CFB00
  • Commander - Commander MAX, 2016 0006BGA00 0006BGB00 0006BGC00 0006BGD00 0006BGE00 0006BGF00 0006BGG00 0006BGH00 0006BGJ00 0006BGK00 0006BGL00 0006BGM00 0006CGA00 0006CGB00 0006DGA00 0006DGB00 0006DGC00 0006DGD00 0006EGA00 0006EGC00 0006GGA00 0006GGB00 0006GGC00 0006GGD00 0006HGA00 0006HGB00 0006JGA00 0006JGB00 0006JGC00 0006JGD00 0006JGE00 0006JGF00 0006JGG00 0006KGA00 0006KGB00 0006KGC00 0006PGA00 0006PGB00 0006SGA00 0006TGA00 0006TGB00 0006TGC00 0006TGD00 0006YGA00 0006ZGA00
  • Commander - Commander Max, 2017 0006BHA00 0006BHB00 0006BHC00 0006BHF00 0006BHJ00 0006BHL00 0006CHA00 0006CHB00 0006DHA00 0006DHB00 0006DHD00 0006EHA00 0006GHA00 0006GHC00 0006HHA00 0006JHB00 0006JHD00 0006JHF00 0006JHG00 0006KHA00 0006KHD00 0006PHB00 0006SHA00 0006THB00 0006THC00 0006THD00 0006YHA00 0009SHA00
  • Commander 1000 STD, DPS, XT, XT-P, 2014 0006AEA00 0006AEB00 0006BEA00 0006BEB00 0006BED00 0006BEE00 0006BEF00 0006BEG00 0006BEH00 0006EEA00 0006EEB00 0006EEC00 0006PEA00 0006WEA00 0006WEE00 0006WEH00
  • Commander 1000, 2011 0006ABA00 0006ABC00 0006BBA00 0006BBB00 0006BBC00 0006BBD00 0006BBE00 0006BBF00 0006EBA00 0006EBC00
  • Commander 1000, LTD, 2014 0006GEA00 0006GEB00 0006GED00
  • Commander 1000_STD_DPS_XT_XTP, 2015 0006BFA00 0006BFB00 0006BFE00 0006BFF00 0006BFG00 0006BFH00 0006EFA00 0006EFB00 0006EFC00 0006PFA00 0006PFB00 0009GFB00 0009GFC00
  • Commander 800 STD, DPS, XT, 2014 0006CEA00 0006CEB00 0006CEC00 0006DEA00 0006DEB00 0006DEC00 0006TEA00 0006TEB00 0006WEB00 0006WEC00 0006WED00 0006WEJ00
  • Commander 800, 2011 0006CBA00 0006CBC00 0006DBA00 0006DBD00
  • Commander 800_STD_DPS_XT, 2015 0006CFA00 0006CFB00 0006DFA00 0006DFB00 0006DFC00 0006TFA00 0006TFB00 0006TFC00 0006TFD00 0009GFE00 0009GFF00 0009GFG00
  • Commander LTD 1000, 2013 0006GDA00 0006GDB00 0006GDD00
  • Commander LTD, 1000 EFI, 2012 0006GCA00 0006GCB00 0006GCC00 0006GCD00
  • Commander MAX 1000_DPS, XT, 2014 0006HEA00 0006JEA00 0006JEB00 0006JEC00 0006JED00 0006JEE00
  • Commander MAX 1000_DPS_XT, 2015 0006HFA00 0006HFB00 0006JFA00 0006JFB00 0006JFC00 0006JFD00 0006JFE00
  • Commander MAX 1000_LTD, 2015 0006KFA00 0006KFB00 0006KFC00
  • Commander STD, DPS, XT, 800R EFI, 2013 0006CDA00 0006CDB00 0006CDC00 0006CDD00 0006DDA00 0006DDB00 0006DDC00 0006TDA00
  • Commander STD, DPS, XT, X 1000 EFI, 2013 0006ADA00 0006ADB00 0006BDA00 0006BDB00 0006BDD00 0006BDE00 0006BDF00 0006BDG00 0006BDH00 0006BDJ00 0006EDA00 0006EDB00 0006EDC00 0006EDD00 0006EDG00 0006PDA00
  • Commander STD, XT, 800R EFI, 2012 0006CCA00 0006CCB00 0006CCC00 0006DCA00 0006DCB00 0006DCC00
  • Commander STD, XT, X, 1000 EFI, 2012 0006ACA00 0006ACB00 0006BCA00 0006BCB00 0006BCC00 0006BCE00 0006BCF00 0006BCG00 0006ECA00 0006ECB00 0006ECC00
  • Commmander 1000_LTD, 2015 0006GFA00 0006GFB00 0006GFD00
  • Maverick - Maverick MAX, 2016 0006FGA00 0006FGB00 0006FGC00 0006FGD00 0006FGE00 0006UGA00 0006UGB00 0006VGA00 0006VGB00 0007AGA00 0007AGB00 0007AGC00 0007AGD00 0007CGA00 0007CGB00 0007CGC00 0007CGD00 0007FGA00 0007GGB00 0007GGE00 0007HGB00 0007HGC00 0007HGF00 0007HGG00 0007JGB00 0007KGA00 0007KGC00 0007KGE00 0007KGF00 0007LGA00 0007MGA00 0007MGB00 0007MGC00 0007MGD00 0007NGA00 0007NGB00 0007NGC00 0007NGD00 0007WGA00 0007WGB00 0007YGA00
  • Maverick 1000, STD, XRS, 2013 0006RDA00 0006RDB00 0006SDA00 0006SDB00 0006SDC00
  • Maverick 1000, STD, XRS, XRS-DPS, 2014 0007AEA00 0007AEB00 0007AEC00 0007BEA00 0007BEB00 0007BEC00 0007BED00 0007EEA00 0007EEB00 0007EED00 0007EEE00 0007EEF00
  • Maverick 1000, XXC, 2014 0007CEA00 0007CEB00 0007CEC00 0007CED00
  • Maverick 1000_STD_XRS_XRS-DPS, 2015 0007AFA00 0007AFB00 0007AFC00 0007AFD00 0007BFB00 0007BFC00 0007EFA00 0007EFC00 0007EFD00 0007EFE00 0007EFF00 0007EFH00 0007EFJ00 0007EFK00
  • Maverick 1000_XDS-DPS, 2015 0007GFB00 0007GFC00 0007HFA00 0007HFB00 0007HFC00 0007LFB00
  • Maverick 1000_XMR, 2014 0006FEA00 0006FEB00
  • Maverick 1000_XMR, 2015 0006FFA00 0006FFB00 0006FFC00
  • Maverick 1000_XXC, 2015 0007CFA00 0007CFB00 0007CFC00 0007CFD00 0007CFE00 0007CFF00 0007CFG00
  • Maverick MAX 1000, STD, XRS, XRS-DPS, 2014 0006LEA00 0006LEC00 0007DEA00 0007DEB00 0007DEC00 0007DED00
  • Maverick MAX 1000_STD_XRS-DPS, 2015 0006LFA00 0006LFC00 0007DFA00 0007DFC00 0007DFE00 0007DFG00 0007DFH00 0007DFJ00
  • Maverick MAX 1000_XDS-DPS, 2015 0007JFB00 0007JFC00 0007KFB00 0007KFC00 0007KFD00

Shipping & Returns

At ShopEvinmotors, we want to ensure a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for our customers. Please take a moment to review our shipping policy for orders within the United States.

  • Shipping Methods and Timeframes:
    • We only offer shipping services through USPS at the moment.
    • The estimated delivery time will vary based on your location and the shipping method chosen during checkout.
    • Standard shipping typically takes 3-7 business days, while expedited shipping options may be available for faster delivery.
    • Ground shipping typically takes 2-3 business days within Puerto Rico. When using ground services to ship outside of Puerto Rico the delivery times may vary depending on your location, typically between 12-15 days.
  • Order Processing Time:
    • We strive to process and ship all orders as quickly as possible.
    • Order processing time typically ranges from 1 to 3 business days, excluding weekends and holidays.
    • During peak seasons or promotional periods, processing times may be slightly longer. We appreciate your patience during such times.
  • Shipping Rates:
    • For orders below $100, shipping fees will be calculated at checkout.
    • We offer free ground shipping on all orders over $100 within the United States.
    • Oversized or overweight products such as tires, rims, fenders, windshields, roofs, frames, racks, exhaust systems, handlebars, and gear bags do not apply for free shipping. If your order includes an item that matches these criteria a customer representative will reach out to discuss shipping options and any additional fees required to fulfill your order.
  • Tracking Your Order:
    • Once your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email containing a tracking number.
    • You can use this tracking number to monitor the progress of your shipment through the carrier's website or tracking portal.
    • Please note that tracking information may take some time to update after the package has been handed over to the shipping carrier.
  • Shipping Restrictions:
    • We currently only ship within the United States.
    • Certain items such as oversized and overweight products, tires, fenders, windshields, roofs, frame, racks, and hazardous materials, may not be eligible for shipping or may require special handling.
  • Address Accuracy:
    • It is crucial to provide accurate and complete shipping information during checkout.
    • We will not be responsible for delays or misdeliveries resulting from incorrect or incomplete address information provided by the customer.
  • Shipment Delays or Issues:
    • While we make every effort to ensure timely delivery, unforeseen circumstances or external factors beyond our control may occasionally cause delays.
    • If you encounter any issues with the delivery of your order, please contact our customer support team. We will work diligently to resolve the matter and keep you informed of any updates.

We value your satisfaction and are committed to providing reliable shipping services. If you have any questions or require further assistance regarding our shipping policy, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team.

Thank you for choosing ShopEvinmotors. We appreciate your business

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