COVID-19 Prevention Policy

All of out employees must have basic knowledge about the COVID-19 (definition, contagion methods, symptoms, etc.) and the recommendations issued by the local, national and international health agencies to avoid spreading the virus in the workplace.

All employees must be responsible and conscious about their own security when entering the work space all while using their mask and gloves. We will provide the necessary equipment to achieve our duty to protect our employees which will be available in all common areas, bathrooms and administrative offices. All employees with a high risk of infection should wear face-shield (additional to face-mask and gloves) and maintain a distance of at least 6ft. from all other personnel.

At the beginning of the workday all employees must be checked for temperature and will verify that all employees are following the guidelines (this includes; wearing mask, gloves, face-shield, etc.). It's imperative that at least every hour all employees must overgo a disinfection protocol that can include, washing hands, changing face mask, cleaning of the work area, etc.

If any employee displays symptoms he must notify their respective supervisor and leave the work area immediately. All employees must exit the work place for a disinfection process before beginning their labors. If an employee presents symptoms additional measures might be taken in consideration which include closing due to quarantine.

The employee lounge capacity has been reduce to comply with the local health agencies recommendations to avoid the spread of the virus. Every area in the company will have all hygienic equipment necessary (alcohol, antibacterial soap, face mask, etc.).