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For increased security and total peace of mind, get your hands on our Front and Rear Deck Hardware Upgrade Kit. This handy set comes with 31 precision washers for the front and rear deck, plus an extra washer just in case. Using these instead of the original plastic washers provides your ride with increased durability while elevating the look of your watercraft with a sleeker finish. This personal watercraft upgrade kit prepares you for journeys on the water and makes it easier to perform routine inspections; you’ll be able to easily remove and replace your decks whenever maintenance is required. Simple, sleek and built sturdier.

Features Description Includes 31 washers for front and rear deck, plus one extra washer. Sturdy stainless steel washer kit directly replaces the original plastic deck washers. Provides an awesome cosmetic upgrade along with increased durability. Precision machined washers are electropolished, providing excellent fit and finish. A must for repeatedly removing and replacing your deck for regular maintenance and inspection.
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