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PROGRESSIVE DAMPING technology generates a progressive damping characteristic with increased damping performance in the last third of the suspension travel, resulting in a reduction in weight and maintenance.

SUPERTRAX technology perfects the TRAX System. SUPERTRAX detects missing ground contact and enables faster rebound by opening a bypass oil valve. The rider has 100% control over the speed of the rebound movement thanks to fully variable adjustment of the rebound damping.


The WP XACT PRO 8946 shock knows only one direction – directly to the podium. Equipped with the variable oil bypass valves of SUPERTRAX technology, the rear wheel finds a firm grip in the ground, even in the toughest sections of the track. It drives your machine like on rails to the finish. Thanks to the adjustable rebound speed, power is never lost again, and you keep complete control over your bike. The PROGRESSIVE DAMPING SYSTEM not only saves weight and improves your handling but also provides predictable damping performance to completely eliminate unexpected dynamics of your motorcycle. The WP XACT PRO 8946 shock absorber allows, thanks to the highest quality materials and the input of various factory racing teams, professional motorsport technology for every motocross rider with the ambition to raise his performance to a new level.


  • Weight3593 g
  • Adjuster spring preloadHigh-speed rebound dampinghigh-speed compression dampingLow-speed rebound dampinglow-speed compression damping
  • Länge15.63 inch
  • Kolben1.81 inch
  • Gewicht7.92 lb.


  • Unique SUPERTRAX Technology as used in Factory supported race series
  • More confidence in your ride and increased comfort due to transparent damping characteristics
  • Improved acceleration due to significantly increased rear wheel grip and traction
  • More direct handling due to weight-reduced design and high-tech materials
  • Physical relief of the rider leads to reduction of fatigue symptoms
  • High-quality, friction-optimized components reduce maintenance requirements

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