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By compartmentalizing the damping system on CLOSED CARTRIDGE forks, it is possible to reduce the oil volume. Pressure in the system prevents cavitation and ensures reliable damping performance in demanding track conditions.

The CONE VALVE technology improves the turbulence-free oil flow through the damping piston by using a conical valve. This enables a linear damping performance with stiffer settings without loss of comfort.


Your success is in your hands – With the new XACT PRO 7548 Fork, the track no longer holds unwanted surprises for you. Due to the installed WP CONE VALVE technology and a variety of adjustment options, your machine is perfectly adapted to you and your needs. So you keep the upper hand even in difficult sections with quick consecutive hits without having to bend to the will of your own setting. Combined with the WP CLOSED CARTRIDGE technology, established in professional motorsport by the most successful racing teams in the world, the result is a unique riding experience with a significant increase in comfort without having to give up direct feedback and dynamic manoeuvres. Be ready to take on any opponent at any time and in any place.


  • TypeFORK
  • Weight9220 g
  • Adjuster compression dampingspring preloadrebound damping
  • Länge37.2 inch
  • Kolben0.91 inch
  • KS0.47 inch
  • Innertube1.89 inch
  • Gewicht20.33 lb.
  • Federweg11.97 inch


  • Improved feedback from the track in every riding-situation
  • Pressurized System reduces cavitation risk – no damping loss
  • Extreme longevity due to the use of only high-quality materials
  • All settings can be adjusted externally and flexibly
  • Specially handcrafted with the highest care

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