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Sea-Doo's Riding Sunglasses offer superior UV protection when you're out on the water or on the street. These watercraft sunglasses feature anti-fog chrome lenses which are available in 3 stylish colors: orange, green and silver. Featuring a goggles-to-PFD attachment safety cord so you don't lose your gorgeous glasses. Its adjustable safety strap system ensures maximum comfort to go along with high performance.

Features Description Features and technologies: - Featuring anti-fog technology with colored chrome lenses. - Indirect ventilation frame. - Adjustable strap system. - Goggles-to-PFD attachment safety cord. - Optional Riding Goggles RX Insert (448624) (sold separately). - 90% plastic, 10% neoprene.
Apparel Age Group Adult
Material Composition 90% Plastic, 10% Neoprene
Riding style Watersport Thrills, Connected comfort, Agility Performance, Ready-to-Rev

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