GPS System

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Last year 45,555 powersport vehicles were stolen. AL3RTGPS allows you to instantly locate and track your vehicle in real-time. AL3RTGPS provides an important layer of protection that allows you to monitor things like unauthorized movement, like towing, Geofence violations, and a low battery.

The AL3RTGPS system with it’s advanced technology allows you to instantly track, locate and recover your powersport vehicle using any web enabled device.

• Real-Time Tracking
• Compact and Discrete
• Waterproof
• Low Battery
• Vibration Resistant
• Doesn’t Drain Battery
• Simple, Easy to Use App
• Alarm Notification
• Towing/Movement Notification

Managing your vehicle is fast and easy with intuitive Mobile Apps. You can customize numerous features to your lifestyle from any computer, smart phone or tablet or web

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